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Our desire to create impact and make a difference in the organizational world, makes some people move by reason and others by emotion. In Sweet Hotels you will have the opportunity to grow in both spheres: professional as well as personal, intellectual and emotional.


You will begin to understand our vision as company as well as our values. Individual responsibility and autonomy are a reality in Sweet Hotels. In this way, as long as you benefit from excellent learning, you will need to take full advantage of job development and training opportunities.

We will support your personal growth, through flexible work in a diverse environment. We encourage our employees to visualize their career as a journey and think long term about how they want to develop or deepen their knowledge, which will allow you to recognize your career priorities, taking into account that they will change and be flexible over time.


At Sweet Hotels, the temporary collaboration of trainees allows us to approach the world of business to gain professional experience, through constant learning. Practices allow the actual acquisition of knowledge and experience, the application of theoretical concepts and practice of behaviors for interpersonal relationships in the professional environment. They are a great opportunity to grow and reach your full potential.

Sweet Internship Program of Internships consists of a plan of welcome and integration designed to promote the adaptation of newly incorporated students to the new work environment, peers and organizational culture. From the beginning of the practical collaboration, the student is assigned a tutor who will follow up, providing the necessary support for personal and professional development, enhancing their work, progress and results.

At the headquarters of Sweet Hotels (Valencia) the practices are carried out through a collaboration agreement with universities. The vast majority of students who practice with us end up working in the company. What are you waiting for to get in touch with us?


The vocation of a long-term relationship with employees is translated into the application of internal promotion policies that guarantee the development of talent throughout the professional life. Belonging to the Sweet Hotels group is a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of the Sweet Hotels brand, work with prestigious brands and meet new partners with whom to share different work experiences, ideas and approaches.

Sometimes, Sweet Hotels also resorts to professionals with experience in those areas that require a high degree of specialization. Thus, Sweet Hotels offers possibilities of incorporation in any phase of a professional career.

If you want to be part of a group in full growth and to contribute the best of you, in a company that knows and understands that the best values ​​of the brand itself is in its own employees and in what it contributes, send us a CV updated.

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