Sweet Hotels
Who we are

Sweet Hotels born from the initiative of a group of hoteliers from Valencia (Spain) that, given the strength of new hotel chains, decide to join forces to create an organization that provides marketing services to them jointly.

The goal of Sweet Hotels is to provide independent hotels and small groups, of all those tools that can help them compete on an equal footing with the big chains internationally. Marketing, distribution, performance, technology, quality systems and supplies are the strengths of the company, on which turns the traditional activity.

Our head office is located in Valencia (Spain).

Provide tools to independent hotels to compete on equal terms with the big chains internationally is our goal

Sweet Hotels

One of the most significant features of Sweet Hotels is your calling direct hotel managers, as well as offering “own” tools consolidated not only in hotel management, also in analysis and online marketing.

Consequently, incorporating hotels Sweet Hotels is done through guaranteed rental contracts, management contracts shared with the property or by purchasing the property. We offer perfect alternatives for hotel owners who do not want to lose control of your business, or for models in which the chain Sweet would Hotels with the unique and direct management of the business.

Due to this, Sweet Hotels has strategic agreements with several real estate investment funds (institutional and private), with builders and property developers, and owners of independent hotels, with the goal of incorporating their hotels to the brand: Sweet

On the other hand if you just want to join our distribution channel and be present in the web of sweethoteles.com also we have a perfect model so you can get more volume business with one of the best booking engines in the market. We can link you create you website and booking engine in just one week … interesting, right?

Continuously, we are present in press releases as Case Study Hotelero new model … Look at these news!

If you want to join Sweet Hotels , we have several models completely adapted to your needs, both in management and franchise. Do not doubt to contact us.

Sweet Hotels Quality Policy

Sweet Hotels establishes a commitment to Total Quality in their own establishments with all their customers, employees, suppliers and society in general. To do adopts the following principles as fundamental guide to develop of its activities:

Getting all our personal and collective effort revolves around achieving full customer satisfaction. Committed to 100% by the friendly and attentive customer as well as respect and cooperation among work mates.
Provide our staff with a safe working environment that encourages the development of personal skills and teamwork, in which training plans and continuous improvement are a priority.
Apply a rigorous policy of cost control in each of our centers and focusing on forms of cooperation and synergies with large companies who contribute their know-how to our activity continuously.
Be rigorous in complying with the regulations applicable to our business, as well as the commitments acquired such as Certificates of Quality, Environmental Middle- Management, Work Safety, suppliers, etc.

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