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Then we discuss alternatives to reach the conclusion which has more viability in the current environment:

a) Continue with management as far , only sustainable in locations where demand has not suffered too much, perhaps more sentimental decision pragmatic.

b) Franchising with chain, savings by central reservations, savings from economies of scale in procurement, customer access to foreign fidelizado of the franchise chain. Know How fast and direct learning. Short-term profitability.

c) Search chain maintaining the property manager, the best option if it’s clear you want to leave the hotel management and property mortgage conditions do not allow sale. Sweet Hotel also offers solutions in this field, since not only franquiciamos also buy or rent your Hotel.

We assume that the hotel lifelong illusion continues to manage his hotel, but the hotel management has changed a lot in a very short time. Today we must be very good at management Online, with all that this influences.

1- The daily hotel remains the same, through the teaching of the franchise to appear on the front label next to the usual hotel. In cases where the owner of the hotel does not want to participate in first person in the day, the franchise help in selecting a director with experience in managing hotels in the chain.

2- Direct contact with the franchiser chain to analyze pricing strategies, market developments, regular meetings with the head of operations … in short chain market inputs to optimize sales strategy. In any case, it is the franchisee who defines and decides the pricing policy of the hotel.

3- Occupancy levels rise, since the joining of the central reservation of the franchise, you reach a much larger market segment.

4- Add the average price since the international client or unusual entertainment district prefer a little more, a brand that security during your stay. In addition to the strategies Revenue Manager applies the chain and has contrasted with the rest of their hotels. This is creating synergies.

5- commissions agencies and tour operators decrease and the weight of indirect sales (with intermediary) for total sales. These savings cover loosely franchise fees (marketing, book marks).

6- The franchise also offers economies of scale in procurement, cleaning, maintenance, insurance … etc

7. The new franchisee takes advantage of the general agreements of the chain, significantly reducing their spending on such important items as insurance, full maintenance, housekeeping department, stationery … etc

Sweet Hotel, the new hotel franchise. If you are looking for your hotel franchise, talk to us, you will surprise our franchise hotel model.


We conduct a full audit of your Hotel.

We analyzed from the current methodology of the Hotel, passing through each of the departments operating costs, providing rapid structural level and operational management of Hotel solutions.

We assign a person in direct contact.

Analyzed pricing strategies, market developments, making periodic meetings with the responsible chain operations. They contribute therefore input market to optimize sales strategy and operating costs.

You will be part of the central reservation of the franchise.

You’ll be taken to a much larger segment of the market. The international client or unusual entertainment district prefer a brand that security during your stay. We provide Revenue Management strategies contrasted with other hotels, thus achieving greater occupancy rate with a higher average price.

We designed the corporate website of the Hotel.

With our websites we get a conversion ratio of direct bookings on the web above the average and therefore commissions agencies and tour operators decrease and the weight of indirect sales (with intermediary) for total sales.

Manager of Operations

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