By Sweet Hoteles

Sweet Hotels offers a wide range of Boutique hotels in town, coast and mountains, always with excellence and assurance seal Sweet Hotels. All Hotels guarantee the best customer service. Enjoy the concept ‘sweet’. The advantages of booking Sweet Hotels are many …

Sweet Hotels NO Manages or owns or responsible for these apartments or establishments and THEREFORE Sweet Hotels is not responsible if you make any reservations In These establishments. Before anything seeks to Establish a web professional and Have Sweet Hotels like web. We recommend that you ‘inform possible Whether these apartments or small buildings Have all the requirements and Comply with regulations and THEREFORE Have the’ end license ‘to Accommodate customers.

Si tienes cualquier duda, puedes contactar con nosotros las 24hrs. Nuestra central de reservas:  96 353 52 82. Estos son todos nuestros Hoteles.

If what you want is to feel like home, a unique experience book with us and be amazed Sweet concept.

Sweet Hotels we can offer the best comfort, best humane treatment and quality at the best price in addition to these numerous advantages:
1. Price Guaranteed. Always the best price.
2. We give 1 Bonus SPA 2 × 1 only by reservation.
3. Direct Purchase without commission, without intermediaries.
4. 24h attention.

If you found any other establishment by Sweet Hotel and not convinced that is ours, please contact us as soon as possible. Tel: 96 353 52 82 Enter forums and find out if you have doubts.. All our Hotels are posted on this site, the rest are independent apartments or small hotels completely unknowable provenance, management and even if they meet all hotel regulations and therefore have hotel business license. Find out before booking.

Sweet Hotel Reservation Center

C/ Correos 8
Valencia city
     Tel: +34 96 353 52 82